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Prior to coming into Audi Field, please download and complete this waiver.



There will be a variety of classes offered including Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength Conditioning and Circuit Training, and others.

Currently, the fitness classes will be held on the concourse area with social distancing practices in place. All staff, instructors, and participants will be expected to practice social distancing throughout the duration of each class.

All class registration links will be available to access through our website and will have a $5 per person fee paid directly to the fitness studios.  You can register above.

Other event tickets will be available to purchase on our website.

We ask that all guests enter through Gate A off of Potomac Avenue. Street parking is available along First St. SW & T St. and 2nd St. SW & T St.

During fitness classes, yoga mats, water bottles, and isotonic drinks will be permitted into the stadium.

However, for other events we will allow outdoor-use folding chairs of standard size and water bottles only. All other drinks will be available for purchase.

Other prohibited items can be found here.


There will be no food or beverage available before or after fitness classes, but participants will be allowed to bring in a water bottle or isotonic drink.

Audi Field has taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our guests by implementing the following procedures: employee screening and health training requiring all employees to wear personal protective equipment, and increased stadium sanitization measures.

Our comprehensive Stadium Safety & Preparedness Plan can be found below and will be adjusted in coordination with local government guidelines.

Audi Field staff will be onsite at all times to ensure that guests are adhering to social distancing guidelines, and will refer guests to various signage and other markings that will designate guess access.  For on-field activities, there will be well-marked areas for each individual or group to enjoy the event that are properly spaced from other guests.

Nope, Audi Field is an open-air stadium, and all fitness classes are meant to take advantage of this feature.

Yes, restrooms will be available and will be set up to allow for proper social distancing.

Audi Field will follow local government guidelines as it pertains to masks.

In the case of inclement weather, we will do our best to reschedule all events in a reasonable and timely manner based on stadium and fitness studio availability.

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-We expect you to be responsible and stay home if you are feeling unwell or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.

-We expect you to observe social distancing at all times.

-We expect you to be respectful of those around you and social distancing protocols put in place to keep guests safe.

Audi Field – Safety and Preparedness Plan

D.C. United, along with its staff and partners, are committed to ensuring your safety as we re-open our doors to the public.  Following guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, our local community leaders, and Major League Soccer, the staff at Audi Field are taking significant steps to minimize risk and allow the community, along with our fans, to enjoy this place that we call home while we wait for games to resume.

Please see the details below for more information as to how we are keeping our venue, staff, and guests safe.  We look forward to seeing you at Audi Field soon!

Every day upon arriving to work, Audi Field event personnel will be screened prior to entering the facility.  This will include:

-Temperature screenings

-Completion of a Screening Assessment, which asks employees about any recent symptoms, recent travel, or contact with COVID-19 infected individuals

-Confirmation that they possess and are wearing required Personal Protective Equipment

Staff will also be trained in the CDC recommendations of how to recognize symptoms of COVID-19, and prohibited from coming to work if they exhibit any of these symptoms.  There will also be signage throughout the facility, both in back of house areas and in public areas, reminding our staff about proper hygiene and sanitation protocols.

Audi Field will require social distancing practices by all of its staff and guests.  This means, where possible, staff and guests should maintain at least six feet of distance between them.  We understand that this may not be possible in all instances, but we encourage everyone to do their part where possible.

Guidelines will be posted in various areas to help staff and guests maintain acceptable social distance.  This may include floor markings, signage, or other items meant to help our guests enact this practice.  Clearly marked pathways will be available to help guests move about the venue and maintain social distance.

While the stadium is open, guests will be directed to seating or viewing areas that are available and which allow for proper social distancing to take place.  Audi Field will ensure that capacities are not exceeded and that for any event, enough space is available to allow guests to practice social distancing procedures.

Where feasible, additional protective measures, including plexiglass barriers or other physical restrictions, may be in place to reduce contact between staff and guests.

Similar to normal operating procedures, Audi Field is cleaned on a daily basis.  In light of the impact of COVID-19 on our community, janitorial personnel will be taking the following additional steps to ensure sanitation and cleanliness of our stadium.

-High traffic areas will be disinfected on a daily basis, and more frequently during periods where the stadium is open to the public.  This will include door handles, railings, and other areas that are frequently contacted.

-Trash will be properly disposed of efficiently and properly to minimize the risk of any contamination.

-Staff will wear gloves at all times and will take steps to ensure that they frequently wash their hands.

To help our staff with this process, access to many areas of the stadium may remain limited or closed.  In addition, all staff working in public areas will be required to follow the below protocols.

-Hand-washing at frequent intervals throughout their shift, including during every break, with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

-Hand sanitizer will be available to all staff and will be utilized if soap/water are not available.

-Disposing of used gloves in a secure waste basket, and refreshing gloves frequently and as necessary.

As recommended by federal and local health officials, all event staff working at Audi Field will be required to wear a mask or face covering at all times while working.  Gloves will also be utilized by staff who require them for their specific job, including food handlers and janitorial personnel.  Staff will be instructed not to touch their face during their work shift.

Audi Field will follow guidance from local government officials, and recommendations from the CDC, as it pertains to PPE requirements for guests.

Audi Field will have standard stadium policies in place for Audi Field fitness classes.  Please see below for more detailed information.

-Guests will be allowed to enter with bags, provided they fit the Audi Field bag policy size requirements.  Bags may be no larger than 14” by 14” by 6”.  More information can be found here.

-Please reference the Audi Field Prohibited Items list for information on what items are allowed inside of Audi Field.  It can be found here.

-For certain events, some restrictions may be lifted.

-Restrooms will be available and will be set up in a way as to allow proper social distancing.

-Stadium entrances will be set up to allow social distancing of guests as they enter the facility.

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